White faux leather sofa – avoid these traps!

If you would like to avoid bad surprises when shopping for a white faux leather sofa, then, I highly recommend that you follow my guidance in this post, after all, I have been a faux leather expert for more than twenty-five years and I’m going to help you decide.

The reason why I’m writing this post today is because I have received so many questions and so many comments from different readers about how to choose the best white faux leather sofa and what things to avoid, and that’s what I’m going to show you in this post.

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The first thing you need to stay away from is the stink!

Indeed, when shopping for a white faux leather sofa, you must understand that you are dealing with a fabric that’s made out of petroleum, more precisely plastic. This means that it’s going to smell like a new car during the first days and even weeks of use, even worse, if you decide to choose a cheap white faux leather sofa, you will be left with the stink for over two months I!

I’ve had many white faux leather sofas in my shop and they all nearly suffer from the same problem, they stink!

But, how to avoid this problem?

Well, I have two advice for you:

The first one is to never go very cheap!

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When you start bargaining, you will always lose quality, this is the thing I always say to people who would like to buy a faux leather sofa, they think that faux leather is such a cheap and affordable fabric that’s it’s not worth paying an extra amount of money, but I completely disagree, faux leather can be as expensive as even the most high quality and highly sophisticated real leather fabrics, however, if you decide to go with a cheap white faux leather sofa, then, let me tell you that you will be in for a lot of surprises because most brands are going to use cheap materials and cheap faux leather quality which is going to translate in a terrible experience.

The second advice I need to give you is related to the brand you are buying from.

Trust me, I highly recommend that you investigate the brand you are going to buy from very thoroughly, much more importantly, you should also look into the store you are going to buy from, look at their shipping policies, look at their warranties, and most importantly, look at their return policies as well!

The reason is quite simple, if you don’t like your product, you should not pay a lot of money to return it!

The next thing I need to warn you about is related to the faux leather fabric itself.

Again, if you decide to invest in a very affordable white faux leather sofa, you are in for a lot of terrible surprises, the most obvious one, after the stink, is the comfort level.

Indeed, if you choose cheap brands, you are not going to feel real leather comfort, you are going to feel horrible and if you are tall, you will feel an awful sensation because the faux leather fabric will not be very flexible, in fact, it will be very thin and uncomfortable.

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That’s why I only recommend buying from known brands and trusted stores, and why not give the internet a try, you will find some amazing surprises and so many great prices as well.

Author: Jean-Marc Chateigner

Jean-Marc Chateigner is a leather artisan who grew up in the region of Toulouse, France. He was passionate by leather work since his childhood, he spent many years as an apprentice to a true leather craftsman.

He is practicing his passion in the city of Toulouse with his wife and two children.
Throughout http://fauxleatherguide.com Jean-Marc wants to share his expertise on the subject of faux leather and also share valuable advices for people wanting to acquire faux leather objects.

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