How to choose the right white faux leather headboard

A white faux leather headboard can add so much beauty and style to your bedroom, and it can make it look elegant, stylish, and highly pleasant as well.

However, when choosing a white faux leather headboard, you may be tempted to go with the more stylish and the more “highly decorated” brands, however, from my experience, these tend to offer, not always but often, the worst headboards!

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It’s because they are going to use many pieces and many shoots of faux leather fabrics in order to make their white faux leather headboards!

This is the reason why my first advice is to avoid highly stylized white faux leather headboards, and to always go with the plane looking ones, however, this doesn’t mean that you should deprive yourself from a stylish headboard, and from my experience, the best ones are the diamond button tuft detailed ones, they are very elegant, very simple and also highly stylized while still maintaining a top-notch faux leather quality fabric.

The second thing you need to be careful about when choosing the right faux leather headboard is the supporting material.

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I’m not going to lie to you, a faux leather headboard isn’t going to be subjected to a lot of pressure and a lot of stress, however, if it’s made out of cheap materials, like plastic for example, it’s going to give a terrible resonance to the ambient silence in your bedroom, which is not very attractive and comfortable if you ask me.

My advice is to always go with wood, it’s much more noble, produces an elegant and very soothing sound and it’s highly durable as well.

One more very important thing: how to clean your white faux leather headboard?

I read a lot in bed, and I tend to put my head on my faux leather headboard all the time, as most people do, and with time, it leaves a terrible stain!

One amazing way to clean your white faux leather headboard is to use vinegar, just a few drops with a paper tissue is more than enough to help you.

The next thing to look for is a match!

In my bedroom, I don’t have a white faux leather headboard, I have a brown one, and this may be the same issue as with you too: don’t choose a mismatch when it comes to the insertions and fixation holes.

This applies to every brand of white faux leather headboard you can buy, you have to always make sure that the fixation holes are going to match your bed, from my experience, most of them are going to match, but with my previous bed, I had lots of troubles because the holes were vertical, whereas my bed fixations were horizontal!

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This can be very frustrating, that’s why you need to be very careful.

Author: Jean-Marc Chateigner

Jean-Marc Chateigner is a leather artisan who grew up in the region of Toulouse, France. He was passionate by leather work since his childhood, he spent many years as an apprentice to a true leather craftsman.

He is practicing his passion in the city of Toulouse with his wife and two children.
Throughout Jean-Marc wants to share his expertise on the subject of faux leather and also share valuable advices for people wanting to acquire faux leather objects.

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