Unlike real leather, faux leather have many uses and different processes of manufacturing, from sewing to using glue, whereas real leather items and products can be very limited in this respect.

In this post, I will deal with glue, what kind is best for faux leather and most importantly, how to use it to avoid damaging it and even cracking and peeling it, trust me, this does occur if you don’t know what you are doing, especially that a lot of glues are too strong to be used with faux leather items.

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So, what is the best glue to use with faux leather and how to use it successfully?

Faux leather fabric

The cleaner your faux leather fabric, the better it will hold when glued.

The first thing you need to look carefully at when choosing a glue for your faux leather fabric is one that is going to be thin enough so as not to show, and also a glue that will not have a very strong smell!

This is very important because we tend to forget that a glue is made out of petroleum compounds and as so, it is going to be very smelly, and remember that most faux leather items are either going to be used for clothing purposes or for decoration, like upholstery, this means that you have to select your glue very carefully and you have to stay away from the conventional and the “known” ones, they are very smelly!

The third thing you have to look for is a glue that will not require using a lot in order to stick two parts of faux leather to each other, usually when gluing faux leather with conventional glues, they tend to form big lumps and also show a lot!!

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This is not attractive at all and you have to stay away from it as much as possible, I’m sure that you don’t want glue to show from your clothes and your faux leather items!

So, the glue must be clear, odorless , very resistant and also thin enough to not form and show lumps and other ugly defects!

What do I recommend?

One of the best glues you can use is called E-6000 Craft Adhesive and is available online, you can also find it in shoe repair shops, and it usually costs less than four dollars and will work amazingly well at gluing your faux leather fabric.

It is the first choice of professionals when it comes to gluing faux leather, it is also waterproof and safe to put in a washer or dryer.

All in all, it is an amazing glue.

unfortunately, not many people know about it, that’s why I want you to give it a try next time you want to glue two pieces of faux leather fabric.

This is all you need to know about the type of glue to use with faux leather, now, let’s talk about how to use it.

The only recommendation I’m going to give you in order to use this faux leather glue efficiently is to clean the surface of your fabric with a dry cloth, the cleaner the better.

although this will sound like basic advice, you don’t have to be fancy when it comes to gluing two pieces of faux leather, just make sure you wipe them clean, the cleaner, the better, as mentioned before, make sure no dust is on the surface of even in tiny cracks, this will make your glued faux leather item fragile and weak and water will probably get in between and ruin everything.

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Apart from this, you really have nothing to worry about, just remember to not use a lot of glue, otherwise you will end up with big lumps which are ugly and will even weaken your glued faux leather items.