How to remove spots and stains from faux leather shoes?

Faux leather is a very versatile material, it can be used with many clothing items, but most often, you can find faux leather used in jackets and especially shoes.

However, because of their nature and uses, shoes tend to get stained and have spots more often and because faux leather varies in fabrics and durability, some shoes are going to get stained “deeply” and even permanently. Continue reading “How to remove spots and stains from faux leather shoes?”

Faux leather fabrics for upholstery

One of the main reasons for the invention of faux leather was not to replace real leather for clothing purposes; no, it was the production of durable and good looking furniture.

In fact, the story of upholstery and faux leather has been highly related and dependent during the last century.

In fact, the first uses of faux leather were for making robust furniture. Continue reading “Faux leather fabrics for upholstery”

How to get wrinkles out of faux leather?

Faux leather is an amazing fabric, it is both very cheap and very beautiful as well, it can be used for many purposes such as clothing and furniture, but it is after all a product of petroleum, a type of plastic, this means that when folded and left for a very long period of time, it will get wrinkles.

There aren’t many ways to get these wrinkles out, however the few ways you are going to learn about in this post are 100% effective and very easy to apply! Continue reading “How to get wrinkles out of faux leather?”