What is the best glue to use with faux leather?

Unlike real leather, faux leather have many uses and different processes of manufacturing, from sewing to using glue, whereas real leather items and products can be very limited in this respect.

In this post, I will deal with glue, what kind is best for faux leather and most importantly, how to use it to avoid damaging it and even cracking and peeling it, trust me, this does occur if you don’t know what you are doing, especially that a lot of glues are too strong to be used with faux leather items. Continue reading

Should you use waterproofing sprays on your faux leather items?

Find out in this post whether you should waterproof your faux leather items or not, and if so, how to do this important step without damaging them and without causing them changes in their texture and look.

Most people tend to think that faux leather is very similar to real leather and because of this, it will absorb water and get soaked and damaged by it, in other words, it will lose its texture and get spoiled when exposed to water! Continue reading

How to get rid of the chemical smell in faux leather items?

Usually, the chemical smell in faux leather items is going to disappear within a period of three to five weeks after manufacturing, but sometimes, if the manufacturers are not careful enough, they are going to use more chemicals and low quality faux leather fabrics, these are totally okay to use, but they tend to be very smelly because they have not been treated with the right chemicals long enough. Continue reading

Faux leather pants – how to clean and maintain them in perfect condition

Find out in this post the right way to clean and maintain faux leather pants very cheaply and without ever damaging them.

I’m not going to lie to you, faux leather used to be very difficult to clean some few years ago, it’s because most cleaning products weren’t designed to this fabric and also because of the fact that most people who would wear faux leather items for a long time, in fact, they would wear them until they are extremely damaged, then, they would act in a hurry and try to clean them using anything they can find! Continue reading

How to clean faux leather sofas?

Find out in this post the best way to clean faux leather sofas, what products to use, how much should you apply, and most importantly, how to clean them the right way so not to damage them and cause cracks or peels in them.

I have in my house a set of beautiful faux leather sofas that I’ve bought from Italy some ten years ago, when my younger son was growing up, he was very naughty and he not only ruined them on many occasions with his color pens and pencils, but I once found him urinating on one! Continue reading

How to get rid of salt stains on faux leather shoes and boots?

In this post, you learn how to get rid of salt stains from faux leather shoes and boots quickly and easily.

Those white stains that tend to appear in shoes and boots are the result of the salt present in sidewalks or in your shoes, this can happen if cheap manufacturing processes are used instead of quality ones!

As far as the salt from the sidewalk is concerned, it is used to not allow water to freeze during winter, in other words, to avoid dangerous accidents. Continue reading