Find out in this post how you can remove spots and stains from faux leather shoes and other items very easily and only using affordable products.

Faux leather is a very versatile material, it can be used with many clothing items, but most often, you can find faux leather used in jackets and especially shoes.

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However, because of their nature and uses, shoes tend to get stained and have spots more often and because faux leather varies in fabrics and durability, some shoes are going to get stained “deeply” and even permanently.

Most may think that the best solution is to throw them away and to buy new ones, but I disagree, there are some very affordable solutions to help you not only remove the spots and stains from your faux leather shoes, but also make them look as new.

  • The first step to do is to always clean your shoes with a dry cloth.
Stains and spots in faux leather shoes

Removing stains and spots from faux leather shoes can mean a new life to them and it can save you a lot.

Most people think that using nail polish is a good way for cleaning their faux leather shoes, but this is not really a good solution because it is simply very invasive and very aggressive to the coloring agents, this means that your shoes are going to look horrible after applying the shoe polish!

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To get rid of the dirt and spots quickly and easily, you need to clean them with a dry cloth while using a circular motion, this is the best way to clean the outer dirt and outer chemicals that are staining your faux leather shoes.

  • Next, you need to get a leather cleaning agent and applying it again using circular motion.

However, don’t rely on this step a lot because most of the time it would never work!

I’m not giving you hear false information, what I’m giving you is practical techniques to get rid of the stains efficiently, and let me tell you that faux leather is chemically very different from real leather, in other words, faux leather shoes are not going to absorb the cleaning chemicals very well.

  • The second process is to simply use coloring.

You may think that this is a radical solution and that it may not work very well, but the reality is that faux leather is totally different from real leather; for real leather, you can apply the cleaning agents and the stain will be gone very quickly, at least if it is a superficial one, but when it comes to faux leather, it is totally different.

As explained before, faux leather is not going to absorb the cleaning chemicals very well, however, when dealing with coloring, both materials can be worked the same ways.

The best coloring product to use is by a brand called Fiebings.

You can get it online very cheaply; it usually costs less than ten dollars.

Before you begin coloring, you must always test the coloring against a hidden part of your shoes, to see whether your shoes are going to absorb the color or not.

If the test process goes wonderfully, then you need to proceed; and before applying the color, you need to always use a deglazer, it will usually be provided in the coloring package.

After coloring your shoes, you need to leave them rest for at least two days.

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This is how you get rid of spots and stains in faux leather shoes.