How to prevent faux leather from cracking?

Cracks in faux leather are going to appear because of low maintenance!

I’m sure that most of you think that faux leather is as robust and as durable as really leather, but this is totally untrue, real leather is much stronger than faux leather, this is why faux leather requires lots of attention and lots of efforts from your part to make it stand time and the environment.

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The first thing I’m going to reveal to you about the cracks that are going to happen in faux leather is the main reason behind them.

  • The main reason for these cracks happening in faux leather is the sun.

The UVB rays are going to affect the molecular structure of faux leather, this is going to make the plastic compounds very easy to break, which is going to result in cracks on the surface.

  • Another reason is the quality of the faux leather.

If you decide to buy faux leather that’s not reinforced with natural fibers, such as cotton, then it will crack even when it is not exposed to the sun!

It is because the fabric is going to be affected by changes in temperature, that’s why most faux leather you are going to buy is probably going to contain either synthetic or natural fibers to support the plastic structure.

This is very sad news for people who own faux leather clothing and faux leather furniture, however there are many very easy and very cheap ways to maintain your faux leather fabrics.

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  • The first way to prevent faux leather from cracking is by applying special oils.

There are many oils that are going to prevent faux leather from cracking, when they are absorbed by the fabric, they are simply going to prevent damaging sun rays from reaching weak layers of your and cracking the texture.

Using these oils will give an added protection and a very nice look to your faux leather clothing and furniture.

The best oil to use for maintaining and preventing cracks on your faux leather is baby oil.

I know that this is going to sound very strange, but if you think about it, you are going to find some sense in this idea.

Baby oil is made to protect the weak and fragile skin of babies, and this is the same thing we are looking for when applying it to faux leather fabrics, it is going to create a protective layer which is going to prevent damaging temperatures and sun rays from cracking the surface.

  • The second way to prevent faux leather from cracking is by applying special leather conditioners.

The texture of faux leather will resemble the texture of real leather a lot, this is why the same products that are going to work for real leather are also going to work for faux leather.

In my opinion, the most preserving conditioner you can use is the following, the one I use myself all the time, in fact, the one I use for my custmers:

This conditioner is amazing; it will soften your faux leather fabrics and prevent water from reaching the surface and resulting in a temperature imbalance, which will result in obvious cracks with time.

This amazing conditioner will also get absorbed through the pores of faux leather, this is going to create an added protection and also help the breathability of your fabric, it is also going to give your faux leather an amazing and very attractive shine.

Remember to use the following conditioner to maintain your faux leather objects cracks free: Click here!

These are the best ways you can prevent and keep your faux leather from cracking.

Author: Jean-Marc Chateigner

Jean-Marc Chateigner is a leather artisan who grew up in the region of Toulouse, France. He was passionate by leather work since his childhood, he spent many years as an apprentice to a true leather craftsman.

He is practicing his passion in the city of Toulouse with his wife and two children.
Throughout Jean-Marc wants to share his expertise on the subject of faux leather and also share valuable advices for people wanting to acquire faux leather objects.

176 thoughts on “How to prevent faux leather from cracking?”

  1. Hey there,

    I hope that you can help me with a distressing problem I have here.

    I have a faux leather backpack which has started cracking and even peeling (leaving behind several small patches where the leather has peeled off…) due to long periods of unuse.

    Is there a way to prevent it from cracking and peeling further, or even repair the patches where the faux leather has already dropped off? I really don’t want this bag’s material to crack further!


    1. Hello, you need saddle soap, apply it often and you will need also to keep it from the sun, as it can really damage it. You should also invest in a leather conditioner and use it, in fact, you need to soak it as much as possible. One more thing that you need to know about faux leather is that it will crack someday, so, if your backpack is “old”, then you need to accept the fact that it’s time!

      1. Hi,
        Thank you for the nice and very good article.
        Please , I have a question if you have time.
        Is it good to store a new handbag made of faux leather in a plastic or nylon bags for long time for example one year? or more? or it may cracks? what is the best way to store new products made of faux leather such as wallet and handbags and prevent from damage.

        Thank you

        1. Hi Ali, thanks a lot for your very kind words, they’re so nice to read.
          Yes, you can store your faux leather handbag, but you need to apply a honey leather conditioner and mink oil first, and you should repeat this at least once a year. You should also avoid storing it in humid, sunny, or very hot places (you must avoid steam as much as possible, like a kitchen or a garden house). One more thing, you must not store it empty, in other terms, it should be filled with paper or some cotton in order not to lose it’s shape and get wrinkled.
          These are the things you have to do to store your faux leather bag, if you need more help, please don’t hesitate 🙂

        2. Hi,
          I just read your article and it’s really helpful cause I’m thinking about buying a faux leather backpack that is so cute as a purse and “going-out” type of bag; so I won’t use it as much as a school backpack. But I was wondering if using leather polish would also help the faux leather from cracking? I have a purse that I bought a year ago and I don’t use it anymore but I used to use it daily for school and the sides of the parts with faux leather cracked and I don’t want that to happen to my new backpack.

          1. No, it won’t, only vinyl conditioners can help, apply once every four to six months and it will never peel or crack.

    1. Hi Matt, it all depends on the surface of the faux leather, for example, if you’ve got 3cm2, sorry about my metric values 🙂 , you should apply about half a teaspoon of baby oil. Yes, it’s going to take a lot to prevent faux leather from cracking, but it does give great results.

  2. Hi,
    I recently made pleather skirts for a play, they have elasticized waist bands. They have been in storage for about two months and I think they’ve been getting a good deal of use….but the waist bands are beginning to crack and peel. Can I treat pleather the same way mentioned in the article? Or do I need to apply the leather conditioner to them? I would really like to not have to remake them as it was very expensive….and time consuming.

    1. Hi, thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, you can apply the same ways described in the article to prevent cracking, you should also apply leather conditioner, it will secure the remaining pleather from cracking.
      Please, don’t hesitate to ask more question 🙂

  3. Hi. I have a imitation-leather chair with a crack on the armrest. The chair is part of my lounge suite. How can I fix it?

    1. Hi, I’m sorry, the only way to repaire a crack is to repaire the affected area. You need to get identical faux leather and use it.

  4. Hi, Jean-Marc! Thank you for the very useful information. Could you please clarify whether these methods apply to all types of faux leather (PVC/vinyl, polyurethane, cork leather) or whether there are specific techniques for different types of faux leather?

    In particular, I live in a dry climate with large temperature variety (40 degree F temperature changes between day and night throughout the year) and I have polyurethane jackets that I would like to take good care of. What would you recommend?

  5. Don’t forget flea markets! It is possible to acquire excellent statement pieces at
    a small fraction of the price. A few need a bit of TLC but others are merely items that individuals need to get rid of!

  6. Hi, I have a polyurethane jacket that I love…have had for some years now…and I in the last few months, I’ve happened to leave it under a window exposed to sunlight and it’s has started to crack slightly in two places on the upper back of it…is there anything I can do to stop it from continuing to crack? Thanks!

  7. Hello. My mom just made a backpack for me. It is made of faux leather/pu leather and faux suede. But outside is -30 degres of Celsium. May I go out with the backpack, how should I take care of it? Will it crack in cold temperatures?
    Thank you

    1. Wow, that’s very cold!! heheh, anyway, it’s very simple to care for it, you need to apply a little saddle soap before going out, that’s it, it will create a very tiny layer that’s going to protect the faux leather, if you don’t have saddle soap, then apply a small amount of baby oil.

  8. Hello, I just acquired a faux leather couch that is a little worn in the seat cushions and cracking. I see that you recommend the honey leather conditioner to prevent cracking, but is there anything that you recommend I do to repair it or even improve it in any way? Thanks a lot!!

    1. Hello Karly, the honey conditioner is the best, but if it’s highly damaged, then the only choice you’ve got is to replace the damaged parts, sorry, but once faux leather is bruised, it can’t be repaired. This is the reason why I advice people to take care of their faux leather things, and this is the main reason behind this website.

    1. At first, one a month, but with time, you have to start applying it once a week, it all depends on how much you use it.

  9. Hi Jean-Marc. I really appreciate your article and comments. I just reupholstered my corvette with Leather-Like seat covers. They are brand new with no defects. What should I use to keep them looking new and lasting as long as possible. Thanks so much for your advice.

  10. hi, im planning on buying a faux leather sectional…and curious if i should use baby oil or the honey leather conditioner or both…i dont want it to get ruin like my last furntiure did for not taking care of it…and another question how long does faux leather usually hold up…i didnt take care of my furniture and it started to crack 4 years after i bought it…just want to know if itll last years if i maintain it right

    1. With proper care, use the honey leather conditioner, it can last you for two decades as long as it is not exposed to UV rays and excessive heat.

  11. Jean-Marc Chateigner,


    We have a 100% polypropylene sofa we’re looking to sell. The overall construction is fine, but the material is cracking a lot. Can I fill the cracks in with a similar colour and then rub down the sofas with baby oil after (after the ink dries?) Or do you have other suggestions? Thank you!

    1. No, both faux leather, this will be very obvious, the best thing to do is replace the whole cracked patches, and if you can’t, use faux leather dye.

  12. I just bought a faux leather sofa and desk chair. They are brand new and look great so I want to keep them that way. I am going to buy some Leather Honey since you recommend it so much. How soon should I apply it to a new sofa? And how often should I re-apply? Thank you!

    1. If you would like to, you can apply it immediately, but personally, I would wait for some three weeks, generally, you should use it once a month or if your sofa is used a lot, once every two weeks.

  13. I just bought a used couch i don’t know if its real leather or fake. There is no smell to it and i don’t know if how far it stretches is leather amount or fake amount. I want to protect it from pealing regardless of what it is. It is hard to the touch now but no peel yet. There are a few spots on the arm i thing is from dog claws last owners had a dog. What do you suggest for cleaning and also conditioning of it ? baby oil, amoral car stuff, saddle soap, shoe polish for the claw part ?

    1. Use saddle soap, it’s much better, and for the occasional cleaning, use baby oil and don’t forget to apply honey leather conditioner to maintain it in good condition.

  14. Hello Jean-Marc, am much boarded about my precious shoe, its peeling from inside. Please what do I do to prevent it from peeling further and how do I avoid others from peeling too. Thanks.

    1. Hello Christy. You can simply apply the advice I gave you in this post, they are more than enough, and don’t forget to use the honey leather conditioner I recommend.

      1. Please Jean,
        Needs a little guide. How can I select a good PU leather material for my female shoe production?
        Started a female shoe business but feels that my supplier does not use a quality PU leather for my shoes. Please is there anyway I can know to help me instruct them on the kind to of PU leather to use. Waiting for your reply.


  15. Hi. It is very interesting reading this. My granparents have a faux leather 3 piece suite and it has started cracking and splitting. This is after less than 4 years! Is this a reasonable amount of life to expect from faux leather furniture? The retailer has sent someone to look at it but they have said it is not a manufacturing defect and therefor not their responsibility but they will not tell them what has caused the problems. They paid £1000 for it which I don’t think is especially cheap for a 3 piece suite and I would expect a lot more than 4 years use, especially as it is just the 2 of them there.

    They were advised when they bought it not to use anything on it for cleaning etc. other than a damp cloth. Nothing about baby oil etc and were told not to use any leather wipes etc on it. From reading your articles this sounds like it was bad advice. Their sofa (the worst affected) is also in front of a window so will have lots of sunlight and variation in temperature. Something they were also not told about.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. It may be that your grandparents didn’t take care of this three-piece suits! In general, faux leather can last for decades if maintained correctly and 1000 pounds is too much in my opinion.
      Usually, people selling stuff aren’t experts! And when it comes to faux leather, very few people will know what to do in order tocare for it and maintaining it in a good condition. If you need more advice, please post a comment in the section below again.

  16. Your article is very helpful. I appreciate that you’re replying to all the questions they posted here. I wish you more power and write more of this useful articles.

  17. Hi, I’ve brought a,faux leather jacket from a vintage shop and I love it!! Only problem is, I get black bit’s round my neck from wearing it!!! Like 100s of peeled bits of jacket!!! It looks awful, is there anything I can do about this,please??

    1. Seems like it’s too deteriorated! Sorry, but when the cracks and peels are too many, there is only one thing to do, replace the damaged areas or throw it away!!

  18. Hi Jean-Marc,
    I just purchased a dining room set that has PU leather chairs. Would the treatment for these be the same as for a couch for example? Thanks for any guidance.

  19. Hi,

    I live in climate which is hot and humid for most parts of the year, i have a PU jacket and want to store it till the winter, which is the best way to do so?

    1. Put it in a dark and dry area, preferably inside a plastic bag, wipe it a little with a good faux leather conditioner and it will last you for a very long time 🙂

  20. I have large faux leather chair it is peeling. The front of the arms are comming off in small amount . Also,the bacj where the head hits looks like it is ready to peel. What can I do to stop the peelling. Thanks for your help Trudy

    1. You can use a good conditioner, or you can apply baby oil daily until the fabric heals but if it’s already cracked, you need to look at the causes and get rid of them.

  21. I have sort of the opposite question. I just got a vegan leather biker jacket and it is pretty stiff and too new looking. How can I break it in a bit so it doesn’t look so new? With my old biker jacket we would throw them under car tires, or take sand paper to them to wear them a bit and make them look more worn but I don’t think this one would hold up to that?

    1. It’s simple, in a good plastic bag, add some few rocks, sandy preferably, shake a little and then you’ll get a new/old vegan jacket 🙂

  22. Jean-Marc,
    Our pleather couch has tons of “hairline fracture” tiny cracks all over. Some are getting a bit worse. I couldn’t believe this was starting to happen after less than 4 years. The furniture store where I purchased it couldn’t help me except to give me a quote on reupholstering it, which exceeding the cost of buying a new one! I feel upset with myself for not knowing that I should have been moisturizing it all this time, and that this must have been the cause of all the cracking. My question is – if I start rubbing it with baby oil now, will this prevent all the teeny cracks from getting worse, or is it too late? (I realize the ones that have gotten more pronounced are a lost cause). Thank you!

  23. Hello, thank you for your posts they’ve really helped me understand faux leather.

    I bought a faux leather jacket & the labels read “do not clean” , ” do not tumblr dry” etc. basically very many “do not”s on the label which is frightening.Its very soft and shiny & was very expensive so i want it to last , so how do i maintain the shine and soft texture? how often should i apply baby oil & how much? how often should i condition it? how do i clean dirt from the lining inside? P.S i live in a very hot area.

    also,how can i revive leather boots that dried up & are starting to crack due to prolonged exposure to steam? thanks.

    1. You got the answer, just use baby oil, some few drops and wipe clean, once every four to six months, preferably when it’s fresh.
      For your leather boots, use a good conditioner, preferably one which has honey, like in the one in this post, it’s more than enough.

  24. HellouI have white faux leather jacket tat was left exposed at a window. To the sun and it turned yellow how can it be repaired

    1. Sorry, nothing to do about it, may it rest in peace now!!! Sunlight is the number one enemy of faux leather, be careful next time.

  25. I just purchased a pair of boots from aerosols,which are faux leather, my question do I baby oil them and use the honey conditioner befor wearing? And how often would I do this? Also, I live in NY, with lots of rain, snow and ice, thank you

    1. No, just enjoy them as they come, only do this after six months of use, and when it’s rainy, apply some drops of baby oil, it’s good for them.

  26. I own a shoe shop and my greatest problem is peeling. It puts on lost in my business, please advice me on how to prevent these shoes from peeling. Thanks.

    1. It’s a long process, to make things simple:
      Dust them often, avoid all liquids, avoid sunlight and heat, avoid pointy and scratchy objects, apply baby oil or a good vinyl conditioner once every six months, good luck.

  27. Hi Jean,

    I am a QA in avon and we develop fashion bags with faux leather material (or leatherette) as it is called. We have issues in peeling off after few year. I may have lots of questions is it alright, I dont have a wide knowledge about letherette, you could be an angel sent by heaven to answer some of my questions.

    1. is there a treatment on the leatherette that can be done to prevent peeling?
    2. for the thickness of leatherette, what could be the advisable thickness for fashion bags?
    3. what kind of backing is advisable on the leatherette that can be used for fashion bags, that is strong enough to carry for totes.
    4. what can we claim for bags as a marketing call out for bags? like durable handles etc.

    Hope you can help me with my concern.

    Thank you.

  28. You say that we can use the Honey Leather Conditioner, however, when I go to their website it says that we cannot use that product on faux leather… I’m confused… Will it work? I will be buying a new faux leather couch and I just want to care for it.

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, it does say that on their website, but please, I don’t want you to use a lot, just some few drops, they help a lot, and if in doubt, just use baby oil instead, wonderful solution.

  29. HI! Excellent post! I had to google the info because my barely used pair of faux leather shoes started to peel out of nowhere… I usually keep them, and my other winter shoes, on a plastic tote. This year I left the tote open in my closet and, bam!, all my faux leather shoes were peeling…. :(……… So upsetting. I will try baby oil on the new ones. Does faux leather has to breath like real leather? Put them on a cotton sac and keep them inside a suitcase instead? Any ideas on how to store them? Please and Thank you 🙂

    1. No, it’s made of plastic, unless it’s very very new, don’t let it breath 🙂 Put them in a plastic bag, suck the air out, put away in a dark place, avoid humidity and don’t wrinkle them when sucking the air, the less moister, the better.

  30. I just purchased a faux leather livingroom suit and I want to take care of it. I have three small children and one of them likes to mouth the furniture. I need a product that is non-toxic and won’t make the furniture feel greasy. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Why don’t you use beeswax? Expensive, but safe, however, it won’t give you as good results as vinyl conditioners, but it tastes nice 😉

  31. Jean-Marc
    What about a smaller problem. Just bought a pair of Oxford shoes. I thought they wear leather at first, what’s the best way to condition these to prevent cracking. Leather conditioner or baby oil. I want to minimize color change also if possible.


  32. I recently bought some polar fox boots made out of pu leather i applied the baby oil to the boots and they look better than ever thanks for the tip!

  33. Hello! I know this article is getting a bit old, but I just found it while looking up how to care for my new boots. I’m not exactly sure of the materials – all the boots say is “All man made materials” – and I was hoping you could help confirm that your methods will work for these?

    They also just got their first scratch, which I don’t mind at the moment, but if I’m ever wanting to clean them up for a nicer event/outfit, is there something I can do to hide the scratch(es)?

    If it helps, here’s a link to the boots:


    Thank you so much for your time!!

  34. Hi Jean- Marc
    Very informative website, with some great advice, but I have a tricky question for you, hoping you can help?
    I recently bought a faux shearling coat, and want to soften, darken and take some of the shine off the faux leather, plus waterproof it… this possible? and how, please?

    Kind regards

  35. HI, I have faux leather jacket for almost 5 years. Last year i took it to travel to humid country, so i just fold it into 2 in my suitcase, and since then the folding area has been splitting. It seems the top part is separating from the base fabric (sorry, i don’t know how to describe it). Anyway i really love this jacket and i still want to keep it, is there anyway to repair it? and how to pack it in the suitcase if i cannot fold it? Thanks in advance !

    1. The cracked parts are done! All you can do is heal the rest, use a vinyl conditioner or baby oil, wonderful stuff.

  36. Thanks for the advice!

    I’m on a tight budget and the cost of the leather honey conditioner is a bit more than I can afford right now. Will the Blue Magic 850 Leather Cream Conditioner also do the job?

    1. Absolutely, I also use it and it gives good results, but the honey condition is gives a “nobler” texture 🙂

  37. Hey man great read!

    Followed your advice on faux leather since this I just bought a second faux leather bag after my first started to peel. I’ve mostly had real leather bags and I maintain it with leather conditioner. I’ve done the same with this second faux leather bag but the faux leather doesn’t seem to be absorbing the conditioner like real leather does. Is this normal? Should it take around overnight for it to absorb?

    Usually my leather bags and shoes only take thirty min to an hour to absorb the conditioner. Thanks muchos friend!

    1. Yes, it’s normal, but please don’t use too much, just some few drops, it’s not meant to soak the faux leather, just to wipe it a little.

  38. You recommend the honey leather conditioner but when I viewed it on Amazon through your link, the description reads that it is not for use on faux leather! What’s the scoop?

  39. On the LeatherHoney website, one of the FAQ answers states that LeatherHoney conditioner is not recommended for synthetic leather or vinyl. In your experience, has this product ever produced negative results on synthetic leather? I purchased a new sofa today and have never owned synthetic leather. Thank you for your help!

    1. Yes, with some faux leather brands, it can have negative effects, that’s why you need to always try on a hidden and small surface first.

  40. Hi! I recently purchases a replica championship belt made of faux leather … I’ve seen other people’s versions and they tend to crack near the metal plates (after wearing several times) .

    Do you advise going over it with baby oil first, then applying the honey leather conditioner or just the conditioner?

  41. Hello! I have a faux leather jacket from Zara. I believe it is polyester or polyurethane (the tag is confusing to read since it is written in various languages). It makes a terrible squeaking noise whenever I wear it. It is almost sticky-like when the fabric touches itself. I’ve had the jacket for about 1 year and absolutely love it but want to be able to continue to wear it without being so self-conscious about the noise. The only source I found says to use mink oil and pine pitch:

    I would really appreciate any advice/help. I can email you pictures of the tags/jacket/or anything you might need to give me proper advice.

    Thank you so much for your time,

  42. Hi Jean-Marc Chateigne
    First of all thank you for writing this piece,it was the only useful information I found on the internet.
    Really Really appreciate it.
    So my story is that I had bought this adidas orignals faux leather jacket in 2011.Since I live in India, we have winters season only for 3 months a year.So I have worn this jacket only three seasons.Just yesterday I had noticed the skin peeling off from around the collar (insides),I immediately took your advice and applied Baby oil as leather conditioners are fairly expensive to order online.
    Now I can almost feel that skin around the outer part of the collar is also getting loose as if it will peel off in a day or two. Thought the rest of the jacket is still safe ,can you please help here.I dont wanna loose this jacket.

  43. Hi Jean ,
    Sry to bother u but I just read all ur comments and I felt like asking a question myself (couldn’t resist actually )

    I recently bought a faux leather jacket
    Basic fabric :-viscose 85% polyester 15%

    Coating :- polyurethane 100%
    Lining :- polyester 100%

    I really love this jacket.. I just wanna know how to take proper care of it…
    Thank you

  44. Hi
    Would like to know…How to store PU leather jacket when I am not using it. As I will need it again after few more months. till than…? how and where to store.
    Wrap in what material…?

    1. Put it in a large plastic bag, away from the sun and any heat sources, apply a little baby oil and you’re done.

  45. Hi Jean-Marc
    I have one question: Is Blue magic leather conditioner the same as Leather Honey Conditioner?

    1. No, the second tend to be a little harsh if you apply too much, but in small amounts, it’s really great, the first is cheaper, but will take lots of to give good results, nevertheless, it’s good too.

  46. Hello. I have a wallet and handbag which are made up of faux leather (polyurethane). They are still new. I am not sure which one to use for maintenance and protection: baby oil or leather conditioner. Baby oil is affordable and is available here in Australia unlike leather conditioners specifically for faux leather wallet and handbag which are not widely available and common in Australian markets.

    If I do use baby oil, does long term application of it produces any negative results (e.g. Staining? Baby oil seeping through? Effect on the fabric inside the wallet? Stitching?The faux leather’s overall quality and integrity?

    I also encountered this product, Selleys Leather Clean which claims to clean and protect leather. However, I am not certain whether it’s good because it’s composed of 1-<10% silicone polymer which an online forum claims is not good because its silicone is damaging to the leather on the long run. Again, I am not sure if that is true. Do you know any specific chemicals or cleaning solutions that should not be applied on faux leather?

    Thank you. Your opinion will be much appreciated.

    1. Don’t use alcohol or detergents, no shampoos or other stuff made with alcohols, and you should be fine, don’t use baby oil a lot, once every six months, it’s more than enough.

  47. hi , I just bought a faux leather shoe .. pls I would like to know the steps I should take to maintain the shoe from cracking and to keep it shinning ..
    do I first clean with a dry cloth then apply baby oil then polish ?
    or how do u suggest ? because I can’t get the conditioner around where I stay
    also should I apply d baby oil anytime I want to use d oil or once in 6 months?


    1. Clean it first and then apply baby oil, just some few drops, don’t apply it a lot, once every three months.

  48. Baby oil! HA. The polyurethane coating needs nothing but UV protection. Mineral oil doesn’t do squat except attract dirt. Bad advice.

    Try Aerospace 303 protectant. Works wonders.

  49. HI Jean-Marc. I just purchased a faux leather chair from Big Lots that is 20% polyester and 80% polyurethane. My apartment usually doesn’t have air on unless I am home and we get sunlight pretty often. I don’t plan on it having directly in the sun light at all but I would just like to know what type of oil to use and how to best maintain it, as I plan to use this chair for a long time till after college. Thanks in advance and awesome site!

    1. Thanks a lot for the nice compliment, you can keep it long after that for sure, just use a few drops of baby oil once every six months, stay away from direct sunlight and don’t scratch or tear it and you should be fine.

  50. Hi Jean,

    I want to pack away my jacket that has faux leather details. Should I add silica gel bags to help the faux leather from cracking?

    Thank you

  51. I have a vintage leatherette bag from the 1960’s. It has become sticky on the outside walls. I had it out on display so it did get dusty. After i wiped it down with a baby wipe it still felt the same. Any ideas on what I could do? Thank you in advance.

  52. hey.. i really wanted to buy faux leather or PU jeggings.. but i am really getting confused by reading a alot of articles about cracking problems.. are they breathable.. can you suggest me, if i really should buy them or not?

    1. It all depends on the fabric, usually if you buy cheap ones, they’re terrible to wear since the fabric will be very rigid and not breathable! I advice you to buy good quality ones that have lots of reviews, try, it’s my goto place for buying faux leather items, for me and my wife as well.

  53. I have an Ottoman. I don’t know if is faux leather or not. I have animals that sometimes have messes on the Ottoman. What is the best way to clean it without ruining it? Help with this would be appreciated.

  54. I have 4 PU leather chairs and one foot stool among the household items we put in professional storage with our move. 2 years later when we had them delivered they are all cracked and pealing. Allied van lines said it was because we have PU chairs. Too Bad, So sad….however they were in good shape when we put them in there. We have full replacement coverage but they are saying all PU leather does that. We say they were not stored properly. Any suggestions to help us prove our point that they did not store them properly.?

    1. No, if PU leather is kept away from humidity and heat, then nothing will happen to it, it’s possible they had a fan or heater nearby!

  55. The only guarantee you get with PU leather is its going to crack. Especially items that get heavy wear; (eg. the armrests on a office chair/sofa). Those selling PU products absolutely rate it and will argue for it… always 10 pros (easy to clean, real leather look, durable, breathable,…blah blah blah) and only 1 con..(which wont be told—cracking after X years). Treating may delay it, but it WILL crack. I guess granddad was right all along… get what you pay for…. and buy cheap, buy twice. I guess it has its place, but if you’re looking for quality avoid faux.

  56. Hi, I have a got new faux leather sofa(white) ,it’s very sticky from the time it’s delivered ,should I return it or will the stickiness go on its own ?

  57. Hi, I do not have any new question for you.. just wana say that you truly deserve my admiration.. your knowledge on leather n dedication to patiently reply all those questions.. kudos to you! 🤗

  58. hey I wonder if there is a way to make faux leather crack (´peel off) faster? I have some boots that peeled off a small bit on the back and now I want to remove everything so I can paint another color. Is there any product or trick to make the rest deteriorate faster so I can peel off?

    thank you for your article, is the best online and you are a wonderful blogger, I really admire your patience to reply every comment! cheers from Brazil

    1. Thanks Elena, one word: sunlight 🙂
      Well, expose your boots to as much sunlight as possible, and this will make them peel faster, if you’d like to, you can use a blow dryer, it’s very “bad” for faux leather.

  59. I have a Denali and the seats are {pretty sure} what I call “pleather”. Could be leather just not sure, but what I was wanting to know….what can I use on the seats to keep them from drying out and staying conditioned so they don’t start to crack. Thank you

  60. Hi! I enjoyed reading this article but I have one question. Is there any steps to follow for using the leather conditioner ? I recently bought a faux leather shoes and I want to maintain the texture of the shoe well. I would really love to get the product but I just don’t know how to use it!

  61. So I was frantically trying to think of a way to mend a small tear in my pleather jacket. I was originally just going to try and glue it so it didn’t spread, but I found a bottle of black puffy fabric paint. Which worked surprisingly well! It’s hardly noticeable and it definitely patched up the hole! I’ll also be putting baby oil on it to help prevent future rips.

  62. Hi Jean-Marc, I just found your site. It is very informative. I’m considering purchasing a faux leather bible. I’ve had trouble in the past with it cracking and peeling. I had no idea about sunlight effecting it. Do you suggest I use a few drops of baby oil when I purchase the Bible and then reapply every 6 months? You had mentioned in a previous post that if faux leather is taken care of properly it can last decades. Would that also be true of faux leather books? Thanks for your help.

  63. Hi there,
    I have some clothing items:
    100% Polyurethane – Face
    65% Polyester / 35% Cotton – Back
    They’re a nice quality, I love them and would like them to last forever (if not longer, lol)
    You mentioned Baby Oil, Saddle Soap, Mink Oil, Leather Honey, TriNova Conditioner, etc – Which is the best? Do they work together? Like, is there a combination? I take really good care of my clothes, so I don’t mind going the extra mile, especially for these items – I’ve got a lot of these products already for my real leather, just wanna be absolutely sure I’m doing it right…
    Also, I have some much cheaper quality purses and boots – Is there a difference in how often to apply? Cheaper material needs more often?

    1. No, they don’t work together, if I had to choose, I’d pick TriNova, yes, cheaper materials need more care, however, a good rule of thumb is once every six months, if they’re old, then once every three months.
      Excellent comment, thanks so much for contributing to this website.

  64. We have a sofa and two recliners in the Faux leather and did not know that you had to do any treatments for them. I have read all the questions and still don’t understand how to clean them. I need to know how you apply the baby oil (with a cloth directly from the bottle or spray on?) If I use the soap do I use a rag with water and the soap and then do I need to rinse it with another rag? We are in our senior years and cannot afford to buy new furniture. We have only had these for a couple of years. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello, with a cloth directly from the bottle, once every six months, that would be more than enough to maintain your faux leather items in great shape.

  65. Hello thank you for this article. It’s not related to maintaining a faux leather but I would like to know how you’ll know that it’s genuine leather? And do genuine leather bags always come with a piece of leather it is made from?

    1. Hello Francesca, I have worked with leather in the past and let me give you this little advice, look closely at the cut, the sides of your leather object, if it’s fibery/grainy like this photo , then it’s real leather, and n, not all brands are going to attach a piece of leather to their objects, but the ones that respect their products and customers will do so and I personally tend to trust them more

  66. Hello! It’s me again. Does applying leather conditioner regularly prevent my faux leather bag from cracking?

    1. Hi Francesca, glad to have you back, well, a leather conditioner won’t work with faux leather, except if you are really careful and only use a tiny amount, I have tried this in the past, it used to work, but now, it doesn’t, so no, just use a good vinyl conditioner like this one

  67. Hello
    I wish I’d known about this site a while ago, would have saved me some hassle. I had a great faux leather bomber jacket that I got three years good use out of, but notice this year it started to peel at the back around the neck. I was mystified about the cause and thought it had been ripped, then after a while other peels emerged and it had to be discarded.
    I thought I’d found the perfect replacement on ebay in another one which fitted my tall frame well, but for unknown reason the seller seemed to have doused in grandmother’s perfume, and so to try and get rid of the smell I hung it on the washing line. When I brought it in after a few hours I was dismayed to discover a small rip beneath the pocket which was later joined by another two small peels above the pockets. After reading online and arriving here, it would appear that leaving it out on a relatively warm, quite sunny day may have prematurely damaged it, even if it was only about 19 celsius and intermittantly sunny here in Scotland.
    Anyway, to cut a long story short, can I do anything about the slight rips/peeling which have appeared, and can I make sure that they won’t spread or other ones appear?


    1. Hello, thanks for the nice words, for your question, you can try applying a good conditioner, like the one mentioned in the post, for the rips, trying sewing it and then use a leather dye. Hope it helps.

  68. Hello, I have just purchased a fake leather jacket, tag says it is made out of PVC and Polyester. I do not plan to wear it until next Winter (12 months away in australia). I would love some tips on how to store this unworn beauty.

  69. Hi! I recently bought a leather set- style sofa and it is covered in a nice brown faux leather. Since I adore the look of it, I want to keep it in great shape for as long as possible. I read this article and also read your comment about the Meguiar’s conditioner only working with Petroleum based materials, but my sofa doesn’t seem to list any materials that I can say for sure are petroleum based. The tag on the sofa lists the materials as follows: 77% urethane foam (I’m guessing the padding within the sofa?) , 23% resin treated colored textile fiber pad. Does this sound like something I could use the conditioner that you list with? If not, could you suggest an alternative? Thank you! I love the website! 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks for the nice comment, I’m not sure this sofa is faux leather or leather at all, do not use the conditioner, better contact the manufacturer to get an answer, so sorry I couldn’t help.

    1. Hi PJ,
      The chair looks great, but I’m worried about some finish details, the sides particularly, have you seen it in shop? Touched it?

    1. You need to first clean the damaged area very well, usually with vinyl cleaner, then use low grit sand paper, 120 would be nice, get rid of as much vinyl as possible and then dye using leather dye.

  70. Hi Jean-Marc , just bought a brown couch sectional made of 100% Polyurethane. My living room has southwest exposure and I live in a very sunny place. What do I do to protect the couch from sun and peeling/cracking? My last sofa went that route after a couple of years so prepared to do what I need to make this once more durable.

    1. Hi Abi, if you can’t get it into shade on hot days, do this, cover it with a thick fabric blanket when not used, every three months, use a good vinyl conditioner to restore its elasticity and pull, this is very important because cracking and peeling is caused when faux leather loses its oils, so use this and you’ll be fine and if you are lost on what conditioner to use, try baby oil, works like magic.

  71. I found only 2 brands available for leather care. Can you check which in your opinion is better?

    I have a screenshot of the brands available, how can I send it to you for review?

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