Usually, the chemical smell in faux leather items is going to disappear within a period of three to five weeks after manufacturing, but sometimes, if the manufacturers are not careful enough, they are going to use more chemicals and low quality faux leather fabrics, these are totally okay to use, but they tend to be very smelly because they have not been treated with the right chemicals long enough.

Getting rid of the chemical smell in faux leather is a bit tricky and totally different from the process you would use for getting rid of the smell of real leather, but I’m going to share with you some amazing techniques that will not only work quickly for you, but will also give your faux leather items a great shine and look to them.

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The first way to get rid of the chemical smell in your faux leather items is by using odor eaters.

Odor eaters are amazing, they are going to simply absorb the excess smells very quickly and efficiently, what I really love about odor eaters is that they can be used for every “smelly” material!

They are also very cheap, they are made out of charcoal, and available in most stores.

Indeed, some of the most simple techniques can be really the best, and this is true when dealing with bad smells in your faux leather items, I don’t want you to use lots of chemicals to wash them or to rinse them over and over, I want you to start with the most simple techniques, indeed, they are the ones that are not going to require a lot of money from you and most importantly, they will not damage your faux leather items, of course, I’m going to share with you later on in this post other powerful techniques to get rid of the chemical smell from your faux leather items.

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Here is how you apply odor eaters to get rid of the chemical smell in faux leather:

Take a plastic bag, according to the size of your faux leather item, and fill it with odor eaters, it all depends on the faux leather item you want to treat, if it is a large one, like a jacket, use at least four odor eaters, however if it is a small one, use just one odor eater, then lay your faux leather item and cover it with odor eaters.

Next, close the plastic bag tightly and leave it in a dark place for two weeks.

I know that two weeks are going to sound like a lot of time, but the reality is that it is necessary to totally let the odor eaters absorb the chemical smells completely.

The next technique to get rid of the chemical smells, and only use this one if they are not that strong, is to apply vinegar.

Vinegar is also amazing at getting rid of nasty smells, what I like about vinegar is that it is very affordable and also available in most homes.

However, don’t apply fancy vinegars, like balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar!

These are not only useless and a waste of time and resources, but they are also going to stain your faux leather products and items.

The best kind of vinegar to use to disinfect and get rid of the chemical smells in faux leather is white vinegar.

Mix one glass of white vinegar with two glasses of warm water, then take a dry cloth and wipe the inside and outside of your faux leather item, if the inside is not accessible, don’t do it, just wipe the outside thoroughly.

Usually it will take you more than two tries to get rid of the faux leather chemical smell completely.

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These are the best advices and techniques you can apply to getting rid of the chemical smells in faux leather items.