How to get rid of salt stains on faux leather shoes and boots?

Those white stains that tend to appear in shoes and boots are the result of the salt present in sidewalks or in initially your shoes, this can happen if cheap manufacturing processes are used instead of quality ones!

As far as the salt from the sidewalk is concerned, it is used to not allow water to freeze during winter, in other words, it avoids people dangerous and risky accidents.

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However this salt also makes our shoes and boots look horrible, not only that, the salt is also responsible for damaging the quality and attacking the texture aggressively, which is going to make boots and shoes fragile and not last longer!

Taking good care of your shoes will guarantee that they are going to last you for a much longer time and also will always look good and as new.

To get rid of salt stains on your faux leather, and also real leather, shoes and boots, use the following steps:

00016The first important step to getting rid of salt stains and spots is to clean your shoes and boots and get rid of the big chunks of salt by hand.

You can remove them with your finger, but I don’t recommend it, you must use a dry cloth.

You should get rid of as much salt particles as possible.
The second step is to use vinegar to clean your shoes.

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This is a very important step as vinegar is one of the most gentle and efficient solutions to get rid of stains on faux leather and real leather, however if used alone, it can also be very aggressive on the leather, so, mix it with water, for example, for each two tablespoons of water, add in one tablespoon of white vinegar.

This is the amount you should aim for; otherwise you are going to be harming your faux leather shoes or boots.

Now, the third step is to simply clean the white spots using the vinegar solution.

Again, take a dry cloth, fold it to make it stronger and thicker, and then dip it in the vinegar solution and wipe the white areas of your shoes or boots.

After you are done, take a dry cloth and rub these areas again to make sure they are dry.

The next step is to dry your boots and shoes.

You must be very careful when drying your shoes or boots because if you use direct heat or sunlight, it will damage the leather and make it crackle; even faux leather can have similar issues!

So, the best way to dry your faux leather shoes and boots is to use air, for example in an air passage in your house, next to an open door or window, let your boots dry for about one day, if they are dry in less time, you can use them then.

And the last step is to polish them.
Use a quality shoe polish that will both clean your boots and also give them all the essential fats that are going to preserve them and make them more resistant and waterproof.
You can also use saddle soap which is extremely useful for also getting rid of the salt spots and stains on your shoes and boots.

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It is also very efficient at getting rid these white spots on your faux leather jackets as well.

Author: Jean-Marc Chateigner

Jean-Marc Chateigner is a leather artisan who grew up in the region of Toulouse, France. He was passionate by leather work since his childhood, he spent many years as an apprentice to a true leather craftsman.

He is practicing his passion in the city of Toulouse with his wife and two children.
Throughout Jean-Marc wants to share his expertise on the subject of faux leather and also share valuable advices for people wanting to acquire faux leather objects.

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