How to clean faux leather sofas?

Find out in this post the best way to clean faux leather sofas, what products to use, how much should you apply, and most importantly, how to clean them the right way so not to damage them and cause cracks or peels in them.

I have in my house a set of beautiful faux leather sofas that I’ve bought from Italy some ten years ago, when my younger son was growing up, he was very naughty and he not only ruined them on many occasions with his color pens and pencils, but I once found him urinating on one!

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Yes, you’ve read correctly, he was peeing on one, but he was only three years old, now he is 18 and he doesn’t urinate on my stuff anymore! 🙂

To make him look innocent in the eyes of my wife, I would clean his mischievous deeds as soon as he committed them, and these are the techniques I would usually use to clean my faux leather sofas, they are guaranteed to work and will help you too.

  • The first way to clean your faux leather sofas is to use a soft pencil rubber.

It is not only very cheap, but it is also very efficient, and they are available in most bookshops and supermarkets, if you have small children, you need to have at least a dozen in your house, I’m exaggerating by the way, it is because they are going to be so handy, from cleaning walls to cleaning your sofas!

No need to use some fancy techniques when cleaning your faux leather sofas with pencil rubbers, just apply them as many times as possible until you start noticing good results, usually this will not take you a long time and you will get rid of the stains and spots very quickly.

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  • The second way is to use disposable leather cleaning cloths.

Cleaning faux leather sofas can be a bit difficult, but some of the simplest tools can give you some of the best results, for example, using a pencil rubber can remove even the most difficult spots and stains from your sofa.

One of the best and most renowned brands of disposable leather cleaning cloths is Gleen.

It is not only available in most shops, but it is also very affordable, usually it costs around fifteen dollars.

What I really love about these cloths is that they are very efficient, in fact some brands like Gleen put special chemicals that will get rid of stains and spots almost immediately, they are also very friendly when it comes to leather and faux leather items, they are not going to damage the colors or the texture.

  • The next way to clean faux leather sofas is to use good upholstery cleaner.

These cleaners are especially designed to help you get rid of stains and spots very quickly and easily, the thing I dislike about them is that they tend to be quite expensive, but if you are lucky you can find a brand called Blue Coral, it has a product called DC22 Upholstery Cleaner which only costs nine dollars and is excellent at cleaning spots and stains on sofas very quickly.

I not only use it with my sofas and other upholstery items, but also with my car’s upholstery.

The final tip to cleaning your faux leather sofas is to use a mild detergent.

One of the best brands of mild detergents you can use is Krud Kutter, it is very efficient and will clean your faux leather sofa in no time.

However, you should be careful when using one because it may damage the coloring or the texture, which is why it is always a good idea to test in a hidden part of your sofa before applying it.

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Mix it with some warm water and apply it using a dry cloth in a circular motion, it is the best way to get rid of the stains and spots on your faux leather sofas quickly and easily.

3 thoughts on “How to clean faux leather sofas?

  1. gerald jago

    we rece up liquidntly purchased a Faux Leather suite, unfortunely i have stained the back of the chair. this was caused by leaning my head .I dont use any Gel other than shampoo but it has stainen it, The company supplied a cleaning pack. \\\\\\\\it dosent seem to shift the stain. I even contacted the manufacturer and the stain is still there.Today i have tried a small amount of washing up liquid in half a bowl of warm water and used a small sponge, and used circlular movements.Now i will have to wait until it drys out.

    1. Jean-Marc Chateigner Post author

      The best thing I can advice you to do is to use vinegar, white one, and if possible, use a powerful cleaning solution like DC22 Upholstery Cleaner, this will do the trick surely.
      Good luck

  2. Kim

    Hello. How could I remove a stain made out of waterproof lipstick? I tried using my make-up remover which is gentle on skin, but it hasn’t done anything to the stain on my faux leather couch. Thanks!


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