Help! My faux leather sofa is peeling!

Is your faux leather sofa peeling? Don’t panic, I’m going to help you by showing you the best techniques in order to stop this problem and even reverse it !

The first advice I need to give you is to not panic!

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Especially when you are dealing with faux leather, because most people nowadays are going to do stupid things to their faux leather items and especially sofas, because they are so valuable and so important to the harmony of the house or the room, faux leather sofas are going to cause much stress to their owners when they start peeling or cracking because they are so expensive, that’s why, they may be tempted to do stupid things like wiping them with alcohol, using glue, or even selling them!

Please, don’t do any of the above, and if you already have done something foolish, please, stop doing it immediately!

What you must do right now is to read this post and stop yourself from harming your faux leather sofa any further.

Let me tell you now about how to stop your faux leather sofa from peeling, which is the most important step that we need to take first.

Simply, go buy a good faux leather conditioner, there are many available nowadays in the market, ten years ago, there only used to be two or three available, and they weren’t very efficient, nowadays, you will have a multitude of choice, my favorite one is the one I share with you in the link above, I have used it and tested it over and over, and it’s one of the best faux leather conditioners you can use.

Take a dry sponge and apply it generously to your faux leather sofa, as a rule of thumb, you should apply at least two teaspoons to 40 cm², it’s more than enough.

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Don’t try to go cheap on this one, buy the best faux leather conditioner you can find, it’s worth every penny you will pay for it because your faux leather sofa is going to stop peeling immediately.

The second step is to keep your faux leather sofa away from heat.

If you live in a dry environment, then, you must understand that the first cause of your faux leather sofa peeling is heat!

If your faux leather sofa is near a window, keep it away, if it’s near the chimney, keep it away as well, and if it’s exposed to sunlight every single day, keep it away as well!

What if you cannot keep it away from these elements?

Then, you need to maintain it in proper shape, and you need to nourish your faux leather fabric with the conditioner I just mentioned some few lines ago.

Applying your conditioner generously every six months, or if the conditions are harsh, every three months.

For example, where I live, the weather is very cold during the winter, but during summer, sunlight can be a little rough, I say this because UV lights tend to be the biggest enemy of faux leather fabric, but as a rule of thumb, applying a good faux leather conditioner once every three or six months is more than enough.

A friend of mine lives in Arizona where it’s very dry and the sun can be very damaging, not just to faux leather fabrics, but even to cars’ upholstery and even rooftops!

Well, my friend has a great faux leather sofa which is exposed to sunlight almost 6 hours a day and let me tell you that it’s in fantastic condition because she uses a great faux leather conditioner once every three months.

Let’s talk now about how to repair peels in your faux leather sofa.

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Fortunately for you, there is a wonderful product called MastaPlasta Peel and Stick First-Aid Leather Repair Band-Aid, it will act as a glue, in fact, it’s a paste, that you are going to apply on top of your peels and cracks and soon, it will cover them completely and your faux leather sofa is going to look great again.

4 thoughts on “Help! My faux leather sofa is peeling!

  1. Danielle A Buell

    I hve a peeling faux leather couch and I would like to peel it all off, and reupholster, how can I do that?

    1. Jean-Marc Chateigner Post author

      You need to change its fabric, which tend to be very difficult, do you have some upholstery knowledge?

  2. Julie

    My couch is all leather except for the bottom part of the cushion. All four sides of the three cushions have almost completely flakes off and I wonder if your method will work to make it presentable.


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