Find out in this post the right way to clean and maintain faux leather pants very cheaply and without ever damaging them.

I’m not going to lie to you, faux leather used to be very difficult to clean some few years ago, it’s because most cleaning products weren’t designed to this fabric and also because of the fact that most people who would wear faux leather items for a long time, in fact, they would wear them until they are extremely damaged, then, they would act in a hurry and try to clean them using anything they can find!

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That’s why I kept receiving so many damaged faux leather items in my shop, however, today, I would like to talk about the best techniques in order to not only clean faux leather pants, but to also maintain them in perfect condition, and this involves getting them to stay crack and peel free for a very long time.

Let’s first talk about cleaning faux leather pants.

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Fortunately for you, we live in the age of the internet, and whoever says the internet, also says shopping online! There are so many products nowadays that specializes in cleaning faux leather fabrics, in fact, just some six years ago, I was having a difficult time making my own cleaning products, I would take different chemicals and mix them together, then, wait for some few days and then start using them hoping for the best, I would for example take some beeswax, mix it with mineral oil and other solvents, while being extremely careful not to put anything in excess because it would simply damage the faux leather fabrics I was going to work on, but today, I can get some of the best faux leather cleaners in the world at extremely suitable prices while also staying in the comfort of my home.

And I really want you to do the same, because your faux leather pants are so fragile and so susceptible to stains and smells, you need to only use the best cleaning products with them.

And one of the best from my experience is by a brand called: Blue Magic, it comes in a sprayer and it specializes in cleaning vinyl fabrics and surfaces.

And it’s the one you should get, just apply some few sprays and start wiping using a good soft cleaning cloth.

How about putting your faux leather pants in the washing machine?

Unfortunately, most washing machines are not designed for cleaning faux leather fabrics, and even though it may be mentioned in your pants’ label that they are washing machine safe, I do not recommend doing this because, as mentioned before, most washers are extremely damaging to faux leather fabrics, and if you have very difficult stains that Blue Magic can’t get rid of, the only thing you have is to send your faux leather pants to a professional.

Let’s talk now about how to condition and make your faux leather pants look amazing.

It’s quite easy; just use good quality baby oil.

What you need to do is to take some few drops of colorless and smell free baby oil, apply gently using a soft dry cleaning cloth, and let them dry for at least five hours, do this operation at least once every six months, it will keep your faux leather pants looking amazing.

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Of course, there are other conditioning products you can use, but in general, use a good conditioner that’s especially designed for vinyl, which is very close to faux leather in terms of chemical compounds.