Faux leather baskets – how to clean, prevent cracks and peels

I will share with you one of the best tips to not only clean, but to also prevent cracks and peels from occurring in faux leather baskets.

Whenever I go shopping with my wife in a local market nearby, we take one of our favorite faux leather baskets, it’s black, and very heavy as well, and the wonderful thing is that I bought it from the flea market five years ago, it was in a terrible condition and I restored it, and to this day, it hasn’t got any cracks or peels and it looks just amazing.

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And this is what I’m going to tell you in this post, the techniques I’ve used to make this a reality.

The first thing to do is to give your faux leather baskets protection.

By protection, I mean that you should apply different ingredients to make your faux leather baskets protected against UV rays and moisture.

And let me tell you that these two elements are the nastiest when it comes to causing peels and cracks; they are also the ones responsible for deteriorating the frame of your faux leather furniture as well.

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And this amazing product is simply a good leather conditioner, and here, I don’t advise you to use a faux leather conditioner, but a real leather conditioner, the one that contain honey or beeswax.

Beeswax is amazing because it’s going to help create a thin layer around the faux leather fabric in your basket; it’s going to prevent UV rays and moisture from penetrating to it and damaging its texture and fabric.

The second thing you need to do is to apply a good faux leather conditioner, which is optional.

If you don’t have a faux leather conditioner at home, I highly recommend that you get one. You don’t have to do this step at all, but be aware that you are going to increase the lifespan and durability your faux leather basket by just applying some few drops every six months.

However, this is completely optional if you apply the first tip.

Let’s talk now about how to clean it.

It’s not very difficult; you just need to have some few drops of warm water with a dry cloth.

But only do this when you have stains, if your faux leather basket is clean, then, don’t do it.

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Wipe very gently and let it dry for at least five hours.

Author: Jean-Marc Chateigner

Jean-Marc Chateigner is a leather artisan who grew up in the region of Toulouse, France. He was passionate by leather work since his childhood, he spent many years as an apprentice to a true leather craftsman.

He is practicing his passion in the city of Toulouse with his wife and two children.
Throughout http://fauxleatherguide.com Jean-Marc wants to share his expertise on the subject of faux leather and also share valuable advices for people wanting to acquire faux leather objects.

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