Can you repair peeling faux leather?

A friend of mine recently asked me this question: Can you repair peeling faux leather?

Recently, she started using a new cleaning product on her upholstery, the worst thing was that she didn’t test on a hidden area before using it, this caused her upholstery to start peeling and even looking horrible!

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faux-leather-cracksShe asked many people on the Internet and didn’t find a good solution, I was very honest with her and told her that it is simply impossible to repair, but she can save the remaining of her upholstery by applying a good leather conditioner which is going to restore the original fats to her for leather objects and prevent them from peeling furthermore.

Because most of the peeling is going to happen when the faux leather has lost its fat and essential chemicals that preserve and protect it from heat and other damages.

As far as repairing is concerned, it is simply impossible, what I advised her to do is to seek the help of a professional and to replace the damaged areas completely.

I know that this is going to sound horrible and unpractical, but in the case of peeling it is the only way possible.

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That is why I highly recommend that you only clean your upholstery with good leather conditioners and good upholstery cleaning products, and to always test new products on hidden areas of your upholstery, for example the back or the bottom, before using them generally.

Author: Jean-Marc Chateigner

Jean-Marc Chateigner is a leather artisan who grew up in the region of Toulouse, France. He was passionate by leather work since his childhood, he spent many years as an apprentice to a true leather craftsman.

He is practicing his passion in the city of Toulouse with his wife and two children.
Throughout Jean-Marc wants to share his expertise on the subject of faux leather and also share valuable advices for people wanting to acquire faux leather objects.

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