About Jean-Marc Chateigner


Jean-Marc Chateigner is a full-time leather artisan working in the city of Toulouse, France.

He has been learning the arts of crafting leather and making it into designer objects for the last twenty years, he considers himself to be still a student, this is the main reason for creating this website, to teach people and to learn for himself how to become better at this craft.

He is passionate about teaching people the art of making simple but elegant objects from leather and he is also passionate about showing people secrets that only the masters know of.

However, during the last ten years, his views on the whole leather industry have radically changed, having witnessed animal cruelty and inhuman behavior, he shifted from using real leather in his atelier, workshop, to using PU and faux leather.

He currently lives in the city of Toulouse, he loves hiking in the nearby mountains and spending time with his wife and two children.