How to remove water stains from faux leather boots?

Water stains can be very ugly on faux leather boots and shoes, and to remove and get rid of them completely, you may think that you will need some special products, but in this post, I’m going to show you a very simple method to not only remove them, but also prevent water stains from appearing again. Continue reading “How to remove water stains from faux leather boots?”

How durable is faux leather?

What is more durable: real leather or faux leather?

The answer might surprise you, but according to tests and experiences from different people and organizations, faux leather is not only very durable, but it is the one that is going to keep looking the most attractive and durable.

I know that most people think that real leather is the most durable when it comes to leather objects, but the truth is that faux leather can be much more durable, however, all this depends on the quality of the faux leather fabrics used in the manufacturing process! Continue reading “How durable is faux leather?”

How to prevent faux leather from cracking?

Cracks in faux leather are going to appear because of low maintenance!

I’m sure that most of you think that faux leather is as robust and as durable as really leather, but this is totally untrue, real leather is much stronger than faux leather, this is why faux leather requires lots of attention and lots of efforts from your part to make it stand time and the environment. Continue reading “How to prevent faux leather from cracking?”

Faux leather headboard – king

I’m going to make this post very concise, because I’ve already written another post about how to clean and make a faux leather headboard look great all the time, however, in the previous post, I dealt only with small sized ones, which are very easy to maintain, but today, I’m going to talk about king size ones, the big and very difficult to maintain ones. Continue reading “Faux leather headboard – king”

Faux leather sofa bed – how to maintain and clean

Most people are going to consider a faux leather sofa bed as not a high priority piece of furniture when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, because it may have cost them an affordable price, and so, they think that it’s durable and it doesn’t need too much care from their part! Continue reading “Faux leather sofa bed – how to maintain and clean”