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What is faux leather fabric made of?

November 13, 2015 — Leave a comment

To answer the following question: what is faux leather fabric made of? You need first to understand what faux leather is.

Faux leather is simply a synthetic leather substitute, and by synthetic, I mean that it’s produced using different chemicals and different industrial processes.

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Unlike really leather which comes from cow hides or other animal skins, faux leather is not natural, it does not come from an animal or a plant, it’s made out of petroleum products and other chemicals used for stabilize the materials into a usable fabric.

So, what is a faux leather fabric?

It simply is a piece of faux leather, in other words, a faux leather fabric is made out of the same material, it has the same texture and same style as really leather, the only difference is that it’s made out of synthetic leather.

These are the only things you need to understand about faux leather, and if you have other questions or things you would like to know, why not post them in the comment section below? I will gladly answer them as quickly as possible.

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