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Is a faux leather sofa durable?

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Most people are really anxious when it comes to buying a faux leather sofa! And the number one fear they have is that it’s not very durable and it’s going to start cracking and peeling just after some few months of use!

And this is absolutely understandable, I’ve been working with faux leather for the last twenty-five years of my life, and I know from fact that the older a faux leather sofa gets, the more it’s going to start cracking and looking horrible!

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But is this the same thing nowadays?

Well, faux leather has gone a long way from what it used to be! It used to be a very rigid and inflexible fabric, it was very difficult to work with and it was made out of different layers of different chemicals that were quite smelly and very irritating for the skin!

However, nowadays, and especially during the last ten years, faux leather has become an outstanding fabric, it’s very lightweight, extremely durable, and very pleasant to work with as well, and let me tell you about the most thing I like about faux leather: it’s extremely comfortable!

In the past, people would complain to me that they hated sitting and using their faux leather sofa because it wasn’t very comfortable, the texture was very rigid and they could feel the inner materials and components!

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And as said before, this is not the case nowadays, then, if you are thinking about buying an old faux leather sofa, I highly recommend that you avoid this, because, as mentioned before, faux leather used to be a very tough and rigid material, which is not the case anymore.

Then, is a faux leather sofa durable?

Well, it depends!

At home, I have two faux leather sofas that are amazing, they are very comfortable, extremely pleasant and most importantly, they have been in our house for the last ten years with no cracks and peels at all!

What you need to understand is that even if you buy a real leather sofa, it will not be very durable if you don’t take good care of it.

It depends on the way you are going to maintain it.

If you use the right chemicals and avoid certain habits and products, it will last you for many years.

One more thing, if you decide to buy a very cheap faux leather sofa, then you have only yourself to blame because a cheap sofa will mean one thing: cheap materials and fabrics!

And these will not last you a lot.

Then, what should you do in order to keep your faux leather sofa looking great and as new?

Every three months, apply a good leather conditioner, use it with a dry cloth or sponge, it will nourish your faux leather fabric and keep it looking as new.

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And when you have stains or a spill, dirt etc., avoid using alcohol or bleach, they are very aggressive, and only use warm water with a clean sponge.

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