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Faux leather footstool – how to avoid cracks and peels

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Having a faux leather footstool is just amazing, it’s an essential piece of furniture in my house and it adds a lot of beauty and style to my living room, and needless to tell you that it also adds a lot of praise and appreciation from guests to our house.

However, these objects tend to be very expensive, in comparison to their size, and they are also very difficult to care for because we tend to ignore them a lot.

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Then, they end up cracking and peeling which is terrible and you will be left with two things: either throw them away or repair them expensively!

That’s why I’m going to share with you the most important steps to prevent cracks and peels in your faux leather footstool in this post.

The first one consists of using saddle soap.

Although saddle soap is usually used with shoes and other leather products, it’s one of the best nourishment you can give to your faux leather footstool, it’s very easy to apply and most importantly, it will give a fantastic shine and health to the faux leather fabric.

Every six months, use at least one tablespoon and wipe very gently the whole surface, the whole faux leather fabric, then, let it breathe and rest for at least twenty-four hours in an open air area, preferably near an open window.

This way, the saddle soap is going to be absorbed gently and it’s going to nourish the faux leather fabric to perfection.

The second way to avoid cracks and peels is to use an essential oil.

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If you have almond oil at home, or just another essential oil, preferably baby oil, you can use it as well to nourish the faux leather fabric, it’s very efficient and it’s also extremely affordable, in fact, these two techniques are the same I use in my shop and they are very satisfying in terms of both cleaning and preventing cracks and peels in our faux leather footstools.

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